Τετάρτη, 31 Ιουλίου 2013

Long time, no time

If there is anybody out there reading what i'm writing, you might have been thinking that I've quit, the blogg, the 30 day challenge or maybe even both. Reallity is, I don't have much time and therefore I have not been posting around here. There has been a big turn of events for me, for the last 10 or 11 days I've been living a totaly different lifestyle than what I used to, due to certain circumstances. I will come back to my own, calm lifestyle, but I'm also enjoing what I'm doing right now. It's good to take a big break from a routine and jump into other stuff, stuff that you might never have thought about doing.
Along with not having time for this blogg, I have not had the time to sit by myself, read through the articles and fullfill the task. I do fail one of the rules I had when starting, to always take a task on it's day. However, I have not quit the challenge, there are only a few tasks left, which I will fullfill when I feel it's time to get back to it.  For now, I've already lived the differencein various situations and I feel much more confident, I'm now prepared for anything and I've already done quite some stuff that I would otherwise never done.

Δευτέρα, 22 Ιουλίου 2013

Steping up the game

What good is a self-improving challenge, if nothing is really challenging, if nothing changes, if there is nothing other than a routine? I've arranged to do a nice little trip. A trip that will give me the chance to get some experiences, to relax, to develop my friendships, to get some time to think... A trip including good friends, some musical instruments, fishing, a house without even electricity and, hopefully, a lot of fun! I've actually never done a manly trip like that, and I'm excited about it!
I'm gonna freeze the 30 days challenge, until i get back from it, even though it will go against the rules I defined when starting, because some things just have to come first! Time to work on manly skills, on friendships and off course, on my music!

Day 22: Improve your posture

In this one, I do really not trust... I don't see why it should make me a better man... I don't even know if my posture is good or has anything wrong... Don't even know how to improve it.. The article didn't give me enough help as to how to do it. But really, i got bigger problems right now to deal with, and as I man I believe solving problems should be higher on my to-do list that improving my posture. Anyways, once more, i did do nothing about the days task... Maybe I should look into whether I really believe in this challenge...

Day 21: Write your own eulogy

This one is a complicated one... I do step back on this one... I didn't even read through all the article. I realize I'm not going to be around forever, that's something I've been familiarized with. Now the hole eulogy thing, that is something I have not been familiarized with! It is just not the way funerals work where I'm from. And I don't like the idea of an eulogy, not about me, not about anyone else.
I'm not gonna start talking about why and all, i'm just not doing that. I should take up something else to do instead. However, I did not... I take the blame as a man, stuff hasn't been very well for me the last few days.. All I did was some decluttering through stuff I had at my fathers house, made me feel better clearing out stuff, cutting back on strings attached...
More might come in another post... As for day 21, let's call it a fail...

Κυριακή, 21 Ιουλίου 2013

Lets talk about service

So, yesterday, the task was to perform service. Not like "do a service today" of course! It was just the decision to start being more active in that part.
But here, I do have some different opinions. Service isn't something to schedule. Helping others isn't a part of the "weekly charity meeting" or something. Of course Brett doesn't put it that way, but what I read between the lines was stuff like "Just do it, no need to worry about what and why, just help in some way". Well, that doesn't do... Milions of people give money, food, clothes in charity, but there are still people not having anything to eat. And I'm not talking about people in Africa, I'm talking about people in the city I live in, and I'm sure in yours too!
Charity is always failing... We might be hearing about sums raised an everything, but I don't see any real life help. I only see people in designer suits, women in dresses that costs more than minimum wage, gathering in a galla and "raising money for the poor" in a way that can only be irony...
On the other hand, I've seen how regular people help each other out! How a guy next door, who has no job is teaching somebody else, so that other one can get a job, how people who strugle to raise their own kids give food to other families, not through organizations, but in person. How a whole lot of students, who just want to hang around and drink some coffee, have made their own cafe, where anyone can drink coffee or have a bite, for free! Why? Because i'll go there, and instead for paying for a coffe, much more than what it is worth, I'll just grab anything i got in the fridge, and give it to the comunity, then somebody else will bring coffee, somebody will leave money. That way there is always things in the fridge, there is always coffee, and the costs are coming in, while at the same time, instead of paying large sums to goverment, new shiny sofas and chairs, new systems for the toilet etc,  you get to give free coffee and food, to anyone who wants it or needs it!
When I will teach a poor familys child, whatever I know well enough to teach him, I perform a much bigger service that to just give away some clothes... That kid will grow up and with what I have teached him, he might be able to get a job that will help him and his family improve their life.

I believe I perform service already. I'm not the most active human out there, but when needed, I will give whatever I can. I just do not want any organizations, asking for specific items, or money, to get in the game of helping others. I do not trust them, simple and easy!
Actually, funny story, when I was in elementary school, at times (like for excample the war in Iraq), organizations would come to school, or even not even come, the teachers did the work for them, and say a few words about some people in need, and ask for money, medicins and canned food, "Anything you can". Even though nobody forced you, it was something everyone did. All kids, next day where there with pasta, rice, medicins, clothes, even money. At the same time, in my class there was a girl who had never met her father, she had 4 siblings, and her mother couldn't walk. We did all "help" the poor people being bombed in Iraq, but nobody cared about or classmate... At the same time, in another school, just a few blocks away, the same organization was saying, and expecting the same, from the kids there. In that school, many of the students was living in an orphanage. Again the kids, including those kids from the orphanage, would gather stuff for the noble cause.  A few years later, most of those kids, can't get a job, are poor, lack highschool educations and are living among us. Maybe not even having any friends from that school..
Isn't that irony? And if not, then what is it?
I choose not to perform service! I choose to persue education, I choose to help anyone around me. I don't care about Africa. And you know why? Because I can't go there and help my self! Sending a pack of rice, or spending all my money on rice, will not change anything for those people down there... They will still be getting all the garbage from Europe and America, they will never become educated, they will always be slaves, slaves not due to chains, but due to their lach of education, and means to resist. 

Παρασκευή, 19 Ιουλίου 2013

Preparing to travel

In the last 3 years, and especially on the last year, I've been traveling a lot! It has been about a month now, maybe 5 or 6 weeks, that I have finaly been able to be in one city, without leaving it at all! What I didn't like about traveling that much, is that I always had a clock ticking... Just one day left, just two hours left, just 30 minutes left... I always had to squiz stuff between those traveling hours and so. This last month of not traveling at all was a huge relaxation for me! No clocks, I didn't even wear a watch, and nothing to worry about! However, it's time to travel again! Tomorrow morning, I'm taking a boat, very early in the morning. And I'm not taking it from where I am now, but by a nearby city... That means I have to get to that city today, because tomorrow I won't be able get there before the boat sails.
So in a way, i travel twice, in just 2 days... And I have to match times, and be in time for a bus, then for a boat... Prepare all my luggage, carry all my baggade filled with books and other heavy stuff... Won't be my ideal trip...
However, it's the first time i'm not getting anxious, not in a hurry, not anything...! I've done it too many times already, so I know the drill, I got no reason to get there fast or anything... I've taken care of evrything, and I'm just gonna use the traveling time as a relaxation. Only bad thing is the luggage... I hate carrying a lot with me, and this time I have to.... But there is always a bright side! Instead of making all the trip in one day, and carrying around all the time, i'll have to do a little walking, then relax on the buss, then a little walking again, and then it's just about relaxing with friends (thankfully there are friends in that city), sleep for a while, and then do a little walking again, get on the boat, enjoy the sail and then a car will be waiting for me and my luggage! And this is the best part, cause I get to party right away! The boat arives at the best hour possible!
So laving you for now! Updates about the 30 days challenge will come when I have internet access again!

Πέμπτη, 18 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 19, Doctor time!

It isn't day 19 yet, but since I'm gonna have a few things to do tomorrow, and then be without internet for a couple of days, I thought I'd put this one up today. I did read the task so that I could plann tomorrows day better, but it seems like I don't need any planning!
Why is that? Well, prety simple! Acording to Bretts opinion, and doctors, in your 20s you should get an exam every 5 years. Well, in the last 2 years, I've already gotten 3 exams... Sound more like my grandfather than me.. I know I'm well when it comes to health! But, I do have a weak point! I haven't been to a dentist in 4 years. I don't know how often you should be to a dentist though. I don't have any troubles with my teeth, other than drinking lots of coffee lately, and sometimes forgting to brush my teeth bfore sleep. Therefore their color is not as white as it used to be. I'll make an appointment tomorrow, that can't take up much time, just to be in the spitit of the 30 days challenge. I might have been doing harm to my teeth and this could be my chance to get to know about it! Thinking of it, The only medical thing I'm both informed and have ever taken care of is my eyes. And I don't even know why... But if I'm paying good money to get some good sunglasses to protect my eyes, I should at least get some info on my teeth!

As for the progress on the N.U.T.s, I did after all manage answear the questions brett gave... Long answears, I had to be writing them down to help me think and to keep track, but it gave me some possible N.U.T.s, I will check back once I can, propably in 2 days, and check it, narrow it out, add stuff... You know, re-work it for a better result!  This time I didn't get as much concentrated without distraction as I would like, I think I will be able to get more concentrated on it some other time!

But, still, without the silence and all I would like, I managed to think of some very good thoughts... I actually managed to understand my situation, in contrary with some other peoples situation, which is causing some trouble. And identifying the problem is the first step to solving it! It has nothing to do with N.U.T.s as a problem or as a solution, but it came in mind while thinking about it!
That just shows how much effect this challenge can take in you life and help you! Given you are willing to work with it and do some real work on it!

Man, this day  has got me tired! both a lot of walking and a lot of mental working! Time for sleep! Need to do stuff tomorrow too...!

Day 18, Rules time

Todays task is "Find Your N.U.T.s", N.U.T.s meaning Non-negotiable Unalterable Terms...
Or, as better said by"Frank" in "The Transporter", rules. So, just a few days before I started the 30 days challenge, and maybe a little bit for a motivation for starting, I was watching the hole trilogy of "the transporter". One thing that I loved in that movie, was that Frank had his rules. But why should I love it? Well, the man knew his job, and he knew what elements he wanted to protect. Thinking about my self, I did believe it was too early for me to have any rules, since I don't know my self, or any part of my life well enough to define rules.
But todays task thinks otherwise, and I have to admit, it's propably right! If you don't try, if you don't think about it, it you don't put some time and effort to it, you will nvr have any rules! I might have to change my rules, realize they are nothing like me or anything, but if I don't do anything, they wont just come to me somehow.
I got excited about this task! I read the article in the morning, while drinking my coffee, as I usually do so that I can plan about the time I'm gonna need, and if it's a task to be worked on in social circumstances, aply it while in social circumstances instead of reading it afterwards when I'll just be at home... However I couldn't get right to it, I had some things to do, and it would have to wait. I planned it for the evening, just when everything will be done, everything quiet, I would get my chance to relax and think this through. However, I kept getting some distractions... When I finaly had the time I would ask for, I couldn't relax... I was getting anxious about tomorrow, about a trip on saturday, about the same task I am excited for... I just don't seem to be able to do it the right way... I can't focus, even when there are no distractions, I think about it in a way, that makes me anxious...
I think I can't come up with rules, because I havent defined myself well enough. I looked at my core values, they are good, they can help me make some rules. But then, I can't hold those as much as I would want. Maybe I'm not good on keeping the rules, that I will have to look into and work on it, or maybe my rules are not what they should... :S
This is a great task! This has got me working hard, thinking hard, and is making what I was looking for in the first place! It makes me explore myself, it helps me know who I am, so I then can make that better!
No rules list ready, I'll work on it more after my dinner, before bed, I hope I can relax in the mean while and come up with a list today!

Τετάρτη, 17 Ιουλίου 2013

Talking to strangers

Todays task, on day number 17, is to talk to 3 strangers... I'm not very social actually, but i'm not antisocial either... I just like my own company just a little bit more than I should, and i dislike the company of people, except a very few of them. However, from my experiense, when I'm somewhere on my own, when I feel alone for a few days etc, I become much more open. I can be the one starting a conversation with a stranger, I can be the one jumping into a conversation happening at the table behind me etc..
I see the value in this. Its something nice when it comes naturaly... And I don't see why I don't do it in other occassions too, since i know it feels nice. It's not that I'm uncomfortable, it's not that I'm shy, it's because I don't feel social when I'm in social situations... I'm usually very closed... I'm just there to do something i have to get done with, and go away...
That is wrong.. However, modern cities, make me rush through everything... I just feel the need to get out of there...! And in cities, most people makes me want to punch them... I realize that is my problem, not other peoples, or society or antyhing. I'm that weired guy, I admit it, I have thoughs about burning the hole city to the ground, I have thoughts of taking a chainsaw and killing people. Vice city feels more like home than the city I live in...
Maybe I should work on that...
Today, I'm not going to get out of the house at all. Therefore, there wont be any strangers to talk to...! I already know my neighbours, and people at the places i go for coffe and stuff... I;m going on a trip in a few days, that mean I will have a few hours, around tons of people where all will be strangers. That is where and when I'll try to get the "magic number 3". Up until then, whenever there is a chance, I'll do it. Not for the task, but to see if i actually hate people after all, or if I just have to spend less time alone...

Τρίτη, 16 Ιουλίου 2013

There is more, than just tasks

Life, off course, is much more than just the tasks, and how I do on them... That is obvious, but this blog wasn't supposed to be a total journal. But it wasn't ment to go just through those tasks and how I do on them...
I don't want to get deep into stuff, i just wanted to write something to help me think.. I've already gonne through 8 pages of paper, but writing in this platform, would help me think of it as I would talk to a friend, think of how somebody other than me would get this thing... I've already writen a lot, that I have erased and won't make it to the final post. What happened, is that from today, I'm no longer with my girlfriend.
I did feel it through the 30 days challenge. It's a change that had to happen. She made it easy for me, looks like our relationship wasn't as good as might have apeared... Maybe I was just blind, minding too much about other bussiness... Things will propably take time to get clearer... For now both of ous have to deal with the problems that come now... We live in the same house, and that means one of us, if not both, have to move, while at the same time we have booked flights back to our hometown for the summer. On the other hand, we didn't break up in bad manners, but being 24/7 toghether for a week, isn't the best way to break up...
Maybe I'll just check if I can change the booking, leave sooner. I don't care about the house... If she want to move out, then she got as much time as she needs, if she wants to keep it, she'll have to deal with my stuff until the end of the summer.
But this is a step, a step that will benefit us both I think. I wasn't able to give her what she needs anymore, and I didn't feel good about a lot. So why bother and keep on with something that doesn't work? I tried as much as I was willing too, but she didn't help me at all... It wasn't a big love after all, if it was we wouldn't have made it here... I avtually feel happy, a little  nostalgic, but not sad at all... So that means, the best I got to do, is leave her for her own good!

Budget anyone?

Past the half od the challenge, on day 16! Today, it's another od those days where i have nothing to do!
Bing a student I don't earn my own money, and again, being a student, i don't go through lots of money. The money i have to spend in a month, is just enough for my food, and a few little thigs here and there. Therefore, I woundn't be able not to have a budget, not knowing how much to spend, where and when! And even so, living frugal (something that I actually like) there are times when i will say "To hell with the budget, I'm just gonna do this", and then being unable to buy food for a few days...
I believe in the idea of a budget, but you have to be making enough money, and have the amount of expences, that will be able to make you plan and stuff. For me there can't be any planning more than "Food, and a few money on the side to go out with my girlfriend a few times a month". Do I want to save money? I'll either have to not eat, something imposible, or break up with my girlfriend, something that i don't even consider.
Budget is good, i won't say otherwise! But as long as i don't have loans or other such expenses, and all all i have to wory about is eating and havving fun, no need to put too much of an efford to know what i'm spending! When I have more to worry about, it will defenetly be one of those first things you do. 

Δευτέρα, 15 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 15, Half way there

It's been 2 weeks! It's actually been half of the challenge! I had my fails, but I also got to know myself some more! I think I've already changed as a man, and there is still to come!
And on todays task? Nothing... Nothing out of the ordinary for me! I've always considered cooking a manly thing. On all special occasions, when the hole family gathers for a meal, it's my grandfather who makes it, even though my grandmother was the one taking care of all food in everyday-life.
When it was a little special day in my family, it would be my father who would cook. And since I was 13 or 14 I've started learning from him!
I cook on a daily basis. It might be cooking with my girlfriend, but many times it's absolutely on my own!
This days task makes no difference in my daily life... I would be cooking anyhow! So it's a chance to catch up with tasks like the decluttering and the letter to my father, which i could not complete in time!

Κυριακή, 14 Ιουλίου 2013

Writing a letter to my father

Here I am, almost at half of the challenge, and I read the task that got me most excited than all!
My relationship with my father is not what I would like it to be, but I love him a lot, and he loves me too! We just have that little thing in between us, that just becomes bigger because non of us can handle it right!
Thinking about this letter, I got excited! It was a way I hadn't though of, I could get my mind clear and do my first step to make up for my faults! Excited as I was, I started writing the letter!
But then, I reallised it wasn't easy! About 30 pieces of paper later, I'm sure there is something wrong with me! I can't write this letter...! Whoever I try to put things, it's not the right way, it's not the way I think! I'm still working on it, very tired and I'm thinking I'll go to bed soon. I got some Tolkien to read, to stay focused on past tasks, and I've already tried very hard! I need to get some air, some rest, think of something else, and I hope tomorow can make a better day for letter writing!

Σάββατο, 13 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 13: Declutter your life

This one is a simple task for me, but there is much to enjoy in this!
As a teenager, I used to have a room full of stuff, I didn't even know myself what i did and did not have. Maybe you could  call me a hoarder, but I wasn't atteched to those items.
When I turned 19, I had to live a life where i travel 2 days a week... Constantly being on the move, i only had my laptop and my clothes. After living like that for some months, coming back to a room full of stuff was full of excitement! I started going through all those items, tested what worked and after a couple of weeks that I had been working on it, half the stuff was thrown out. I reallized I felt better having less stuff and knowing what is there and where it is. I also realised that I wasn't the same person I was 3 years ago. Items I would use all the time 3 years ago, now seemed useless and made their way to the trash. After a while, I started working, and I needed old clothes to wear at work. That had me going through all my clothes to find clothes for my job. Soon, my wardrope had half of the clothes in there, since I had grown and some would not fit, while at the same it it became organized, on the left side i had work clothes and on the right regular clothes.
After all that, i started decluttering every now and then, keeping my room clear and having only what I needed in there. Recently, I moved again, and since I have made no clutter at all! I only buy things I need, I only keep things I need, I always take up any little piece of garbage the first time i will go by it. I feel good whenever I do such kind of chores around the house, I like everything being organized, in place, easy to reach but still not in the way!

So actually, I can't make this task! I have nothing to throw out, I have no better way to organize everythin!

On the other hand, my digital files is all messed up! I have 2 laptops, 1 netbook, a tablet and 2 hard drives. Files are all over those devices, and many times I have to stop working on one of them, grab the other, transfer some files and continue. I know there are technologies out there that can syncronise my files, but i don't want to use something like that.  Just as in real life, I like to have my files, but also keep something on me to make notes etc, but in the end of the day, everything gets organized in one place. I've just let that go for a while, having a huge mess...
So for today, I'll declutter my pc's. Gather all the files I need on one hard drive, which I'll also make a server for the house, delete anything not needed, organize everything in the best suited way, reinstall windows on the netbooks (since i've been thinking of it for a couple of months) and format my old laptop, having it battle-ready for any case that it may be needed!

Lot's of work! But I like it! I'm gonna get to it right now!

Παρασκευή, 12 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 12, Bucket List!

Finally, after quite some boredome, I got excited! I got very excited!
Todays task, "Greate your bucket list"! Now this is something I hadn't though of! But it's totaly good! Of course I had a few things I knew I wanted to do, but i didn't take the time to think of them a little more, write them down, even plan them! It was just "Later in life" and that was all...
This got me thinking hard! It wasn't hard to get 10, but I have to admit some of them migh be to minorfor a "bucket list". However I decided to put in everything that I really feel I want, everything I am prepared to sacrifice stuff for, everything I feel is something I must do.
My list is not ready, it will never be! I intend to add stuff to it along the way! And that's how I feel any bucket list should be, you always have to get excited about new things, you always have to try harder for something!

So my list so far:
1)Make a trip through at least 5 european countries, on a bike!
2)Loose at least 15 kg
3)Own a chopped bike, that I will have put the most work I possibly can myself.
4)Writing a hole piece of music of literature
5)Create a usufull computer programm, doesn't have to be anything new or sucessfull, just something more than "Hello word" or "Give two numbers, the number you gave are 1 and 2"
6)Own a fully working vintage car or bike
7)Get tattoed (maybe pierced too)
8)Brew my own beer
9)Create a space (basement or whatever else) where i can have a relaxing place (sofas, arcades, pool etc), workshop (for that bike project we talked about), workspace for electronics and such and of course my office, for reading, writing letters, writing in my journal etc.
10)Own a off road beast
11)Read all books Tolkin has writen (Was gonna go with just Lord of the rings and Silmarilion, since I've already read Hobbit, but I decided to make this a little chalenging and add in anything else he has writen)
12)Learn much more about mythology
13)Attend a big festival, all days, camp at the site, etc
14)Complete the 30 days challenge
15) Become an early riser

I've decided to start working on several at the same time.
2) Loose at least 15 kg. I've been on this, it was actually 20 some time ago. I managed the first five, but now i'm stuck here. I do not eat as good as I should, and almost don't excercise at all. Starting today I've put excercise in my daily life, and starting tomorrow I'll take a better look on my food planning and make something good out of it! By the end of the summer I will hav 10 kg left to loose!
11) Read all books by Tolkin. I've already read the Hobbit. Yesterday I started on the First of Lord of the Rings. Just gonna keep on with those, then go on to Silmarilion, and then I'll have to see what else he has writen and get it and read it. Pretty simple, just need time.
12) Easy start, I'll talk to a friend that studies history, and ask if he has or knows any good books about mythology. I'll check for any online courses and try to get more in touch with the whole thing.
14)Complete the 30 days challenge. Well, as you know I'm already working on that!
15) Become an early riser. Not an easy one, but i've lately been trying to make it. Not seen any good results yet, very unstable bed times and waking up hours... I'll just comit a little more to it!

So, time for some Tolkin!

Πέμπτη, 11 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 11, more boredom

"Give yourself a testicular exam"
Sure, we all need to take care of our health! And something like a testicular exam is something I hadn't though of, but is something we should do! And to do it, first of all we need to know how to do it!  Here I have to say, this task gave me some very usefull knowledge, that I'm thankfull for!
However, as a task, I got bored... It was just a couple  of minutes in the shower, offering me no more thoughts or anything... You don't become a man by giving yourself a testicullar exam, although you give yourself a testicullar exam... I'm not really sure about what my thoughts are...! Should it or should it not be a part of those 30 days? On one hand it should, because being a man is also about knowing the danger and how to protect yourself and others, while on the other hand, this is something that should be taken as granted before going deeper. Is it not clear before you start the 30 day challenge, you should have reallized it while you finish and do your own research, therefore, there could be something more challenging taking it's place as a task!

Day 10, memorize?

Memorizing is something that is widely used in school, at least where I'm from! And having seen students memorizing a whole book, giving exams and don't remember a singe line after a couple of months, I did really get a "WTF?" expression while reading the article for day 10... I'm not really sure where I or Brett have gonne wrong...! Of course we all remember songs, poems and other, but, at least for me, it comes naturally with something I like. Don't know if there really is any point in trying to memorize in the way Brett sees it...
This task got me thinking a little, but being otherwise preoccupied I didn't give it enough thought... Maybe i'll come back to think of it!

Day 9, date time!

Date time! "This one must be good!" That was my first thought when i first read it! Why should it be? I still think it is one of the best tasks so far, and definetely a big part of being a man!
So I started working on it! Read all the link in the article, read anything i could with on art of manliness about the subject and even went on with a little more research!
After quite some work, I thought I had planned a very nice date! So, while getting some coffee at a nice caffee, I told my girlfriend I wanted her to choose, either Friday on Saturday, get all dressed up and let me take her to a specific nice restaurant!
And there starts the trouble... She answered "No"! Yes, a woman answered no to that...! Was a few minor things in the way, which she used as an excuse, but i wouldn't actually value them that high...!
Don't really know what to think about! The point of course is to try, and I did that... But getting that aswear sure doens't boost ones confidence... Especialy when you already are with that girl...
I'm replaning it all, see if it works the next time... Otherwise I might would hav to look for deeper trouble in my relationship...!

Day 8, nothing to do...

Keeping on with the journey, I came up to day 8.
Excited about how far I had already made it, first week being over, the first thing I did in the morning was to head over to Art of Manliness so that I could see what the days task would be, so I could plan my time, already being a little busy trying to figure out friend issues from day 7....
And what is tha task? "Start a Journal"! Great task! But... I already have one... Have had since 2011...
I was reading through the article, and it was very good about what it stated. But, just to pat my own back for how good I am for keeping a journal, it aint what I want to do in this 30 day quest/challenge... I tried to come up with something else to do instead, but there was nothing that would come to my mind, so in the end, I was just sitting with my hands crossed waiting for the next day. I did think about moving the whole thing a day forward, but when i started I decided to not do so, do just keep the schedule, not faster, not slower, as a test of my own abillitie to keep on and to not rush things.
Thankfully it was a full day in other means, so it didn't get boring or anything!

Τρίτη, 9 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 7, and another bending

So, it was time for number 7... Reconect with an old friend...
All those people from the past that came in mind, where people I don't want to reconect with! We have no relations and that's the way I like it.
However, I could think of one guy, who we used to have fun with, and I don't have anything against him. However, there is a lot of history there, and I don't want anything to do with other people we had as mutual friends. I though a lot about whether I should try to find any contact information or not.
After a couple of days that I've been thinking about it, I decided that things are better as they are! Even if I managed to get any contact info, there is nothing to speak about or anything to share... We just had fun for a while, we never where friends.
So for this part, I choose once again to go another way! I'm proud for my self to be a man that keeps his real friends close! And those who I loose contact with, are just people I know.
I celebrate for that, and instead for reconecting with an old friend, I choose to give an extra call on a couple of friends, going through rough times! Just to tell them I'm here for them!

Σάββατο, 6 Ιουλίου 2013

Details on the Resume work

As I said on my last post, I'll say more about the day 6 of "30 days to a better man" quest.
Todays task, "Update your Resume".

I personaly don't see what is manly about having a good, updated resume. Of course it's very good to have, but that goes for every human working or willing to work.And adding to that, from my bried experience in jobs, though I have to agree with what Brett says, that goes for jobs in offices, in big corporations etc. When the guestion goes to jobs within agriculture, construction etc, it's surely not that crusial and maybe not even needed at all. Maybe I got a different experince, I've never lived in a big city or searched for jobs that actually require something more than being a young male. So, I might be wrong there.
But still, being prepered is the only thing manly about the updated resume task, and I suppose brett could come up with something better, more usefull and more manly. There is either something i've missed here, or a strong disagreement between me and Brett.
But, the comitment is a comitment! And as I just mentioned, being prepered is manly! I don't believe I'm going to need a resume for quite some time, but i can still take a second look on mine. Nothing there to update, and I believe I've used good language, but I did change the templet into somehting better looking. But still, it's a lousy resume... Just for the stuff that is on there, which will need time to become better...

I'm actually going to add a task by myself. I don't fell like I actually did any work today. So as of today, I decided to always have a pocket notebook with me, since i've seen many articles on Art of Manliness about it, and it does hit my fancy! So I grabbed one and I'm gonna start using it! I hope that by the end of a month it will have grown to be a habbit and I will have found many creative ways to use it!
First thing to do, is write down some stuff i have to do tomorow. 

"Resume" or "Manly Skills"

After a couple of days that got me a little bit left behind and changed my routine, I was thinking about sleeping for the 8 hours we were talking about a couple days ago, with day 4 task, "increase your testosterone" and more than that manage to wake up a little earlier and slowly make my way to waking up in the morning instead of the afternoon.
But, there came something I did not expect. A strange, loud and echoing sound woke me up. While still not really awake, I was thinking that a wall fell and destroyed everything in the livingroom. While jumping out of bed, my girldfriend also woke up and scared from the sound and me jumping over her and out of bed she started screaming. There I really don't understand what went through my mind, i grabbed her shoutet to her face "Keep calm" and she got so scared from my tone of voice that she stoped screaming and turned the other way. I was too preoccupied thinking that I would make it out in time to save some of the destruction. Once I was in the livingroom i started calming down, everything was normal and my brain actually started to work. Right at the time my brain started working, i reallized the door was open. I had checked on it twice before bed, and my girlfriend had checked too. That got me confused... I tried to close it, and then I understood. Somebody had broken in. Aparently the sound was the door and the screaming scared the intruder away. Lucky enough he didn't grab anything.
No real harm done! I wouldn't expect somebody to break into a house in this little city... It's such a calm city, and us eing just students having nothing someboy could actually steal I did really not expect somebody to break into our house!
I got shocked by the combination of somebody trying to breakin, and of how easy it was for him... I had never really though about the safety of the house since i didn't expect something to really happen. So after that i had to repair the door, and of course come up with something to make the house safer in just a few hours, and without having to spend a lot of money.
All this work on the doors and windows, that's what made me feel manly today!

Allong with all this, of course my "30 days to a better man" quest continues.
Todays task, compared with what life threw at me, seems to have nothing manly about it...
"Update your Resume". I have to say, life made me more manly today, the quest didn't...

But more about the resume on a dedicated post....

My first fail on day 5

Todays task ended up being the hardest for me so far.
No, I'm not an ungratefull asshole! I am gratefull for lots of things! But I do have a problem showing it...

For the first part in the task, to cultivate my gratitude, it didn't go too bad! I am gratefull and I know it! Therefore, I can create a list! But i have to admit, having to laeve the big thing, and go into details, made me think a little more! And that was good!
So, let me give you my list!

1)I'm thankfull my girlfriend makes coffee for me in the morning and wakes me up with that nice sentence "Wake up! I made coffee for you!"
2)I'm thankfull for the support my grandfather is giving me, in order for me to be able to study
3)I'm thankfull that my father still provides for me so I can study without having to work
4)I'm thankfull for my laptop! Yes, I love it and I need it!
5)I'm thankfull my girlfriend manages to change me every day, gets me to do things, gives me food for though etc.
6)I'm thankfull there are neighbourgs that don't mind sharing their wifi!
7)I'm thankfull my mother rushes to answear at any mail I send her
8)I'm thankfull for every tiny or big think somebody has lent to me (from a cam to a bike, from a few minutes to over a year....)
9)I'm thankfull for the items and tips a very good friend gave me once i started an online game
10)I'm thankfull there is online courses, from which I have learned a lot

For the second part now... The part i had problem with....
When i still was on day 4, I happend to be out drinking with an old friend. Having a little too much drink, I did get all emotional and I told him how gratefull I was for something he did for me some years ago.
But that was, without knowing of the day 5 task, and before the dawn of day 5. So that wont count to me, even though it's a good thing I got it done.
As for what I actually did during day 5... Unfortunatelly not enough!... Having a massinve hangover I thanked my girlfriend with the most kind words I could find for the help she gave me, and wanting to go a little bit over the top I wrote her a thanking note which I have hidden in a book she reads. Next time she is gonna read she is gonna find it and get a smile on her face :D
Other than that, nothing... I didn't get out of the house a lot, I didn't see many people, but now that I think of it, I could have showed more graditude than what I did. And if nothing else, I could at least send of some letters or emails to thank people close to me for big things they have done. I'm actually going to do that, as a way for making up for yesterday.

But, I have to get my Resume started too, since day 6 is already started for quite some hours!

Παρασκευή, 5 Ιουλίου 2013

Testosterone to the rescue!

This post will be a double post, continuing with a few information about day 3 and then going on to day 4.
So, I did get in touch with my grandfather on my fathers side, but at that point he was bussy so we did not get to talk. So, tha actual talk was after the 24 hours. Hower, i did try to stay within the 24 hours, and it just happened that he has other stuff to do. So I suppose it counts for within time completion!
For my grandfather on my mother side on the other hand, it is a little bit more different. I did manage to get his adress so I can send him a letter, that was my way to think i actually did something within those 24 hours. Actually writing to him is something I will do in the weekend when i will have enough time. So, I do fail the -within 24 hours- part, I admit it!

Then comes the day 4 task! Increase your testosterone! This one got me kinda happy! Why? Because while brett suggest 3 out of 9 possible, I found myself to easely going with more than that! But lets take them one by one!

1)Get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight
This one is easy for me! I like sleeping good, and i do it most of the time! That same day I had actually woken up excacty 8 hours after I fell asleep. And in general I wake up by myself, when I have had enough sleep, so this one is almost automaticly done for me for the rest of those 30 days.

2)Do not smoke at all today
I'm actually happy this was on the list! I didn't know smoking has anything to do with testosterone before i read it on Art Of Manliness. I'm not a regullar smoker, but i do smoke a few now and then. But along with all my other conserns, this one helped me enough to decide to stop smoking those few cigaretes now and then!
I won't count this one though, it was just a nice way to make me think of quiting it all in all! From now on I'm a non-smoker, and as non-smoker I can't count this one.

3)Do not eat anything with soy in it.
That part about having to read labels got me a little worried. But after I read labels, I didn't have anything at home with soy in it, so this one i got done without even having to try!

4)Meditate for at least 10 minutes.
For yesterday, unfortunately, i didn't do it. However it's something I occasionaly, and I'm gonna give a try as every day activity. Maybe it will make my calmer!

5)Do resistance training.
This one I know makes you feel a lot better! Yesterday I failed to do it, i did not have time. And today I'm sick, so I fail again. I'm planning on taking up training thoug, and maybe even a sport or some other activity that will give me some training.

6)Eat a serving of good fat
I didn't do any reaserch as for what foods contain good fat. But i did consume a lot of ollives and olive oil, which brett suggest.  And I got quite some saturated fat as well. I don't know if i got far less than 30% of my calories, or about that, or even far more, but I won't plan my food that well for now!

7)Eat a serving of animal protein
This one was easy too! I had both steak and chicken in the hole day, so i suppose I got enough animal protein!

8)Eat a serving of cruciferous vegetables.
This one is a fail too... I don't like most of those vegetables. In addition i didn't have any at home and I wsa not willing to go to the store just for this. I'm going to try to consume more from now on though.

9)Have morning sex
I failed on this one since i read the article in the evening... But that can change in the future! :)

I managed to get 4, and I believe I can keep on with 5-8 every day, not only for those 30 days but for a lifetime maybe!
And already halfway into day 5, iI have managed to get 3, while more will come!

So on to day 5 task!

Πέμπτη, 4 Ιουλίου 2013

Day 3: Find A Mentor

Continuing on the tasks that are suggested on the "30 days to a better man" series, i've come up to day 3. Day 3 actually was yesterday, but it was a nice task that actually takes up a lot of those 24 hours. I didn't have much time yesterday, but i did read the article, I read other articles too, and decided on my way to go.
But, why blab so much without even introducing the task? The day 3 task, is to Find a Mentor! And this is actually a task I like! Reading just the title, before I got into reading the article, I though it would be a difficult task... Find somebody, ask them to be a mentor... Way out of my comfort zone, not beeing very much of a social person... But while reading the article, I realized I already have had a few mentors in my life! There are two that I could really point out, one of them mentoring me over both professional and personal, a close relationship which i have gotten the world from! With the other one the relationship might sound funny, but it is only, and only, over the internet! This guy has taught me a lot, but not as a teacher! He is a guy in the age of my father, who stepped in where my father did not have the knowledge and became my mentor over my perception of the world. What i have learned from those two guys adds toghther, they both complement each others work and I'm very happy to have those two in my life!
Off course, I wouldn't sit and do nothing beacuse I already have to real men opening my mind and pouring knowledge and values in it! I decided to step it up a noch! Both my grandfathers are passioned about their hobby, and I've grown to like their hobby.  In addition to that, my fathers father has always been there for me, he has helped me like nobody else and I have always loved him like nobody else! But my studies have made me move far from him and I don't see him much, or even talk to him much. With my other grandfather on the other hand, we have had minimal relationship in quite some years. It's complicated, but there is nothing bad in-between us, and we were both happy to see each other a few months ago, for the first time in maybe a decade.
So, I've decided to not only follow what task 3 says, but also add to it! I'll ask my two grandfathers to guide my through their hobbies and a mans life, cathing more time with them, building a better realationship, and making everyone feel better i believe! They are very different men in everyway, but still they have things in comon! And I've always been the one in the midle, i like both sides of the coin and i'm lost in what i actually am. So this will be a chance to get intoduced to both sides in a better depth and see who i really am!

I haven't made contact yet though, but i got 5 hours before the 24 hours end, while i have already started working on day 4.  I will though, i've decided to write a letter for my mothers father, he will value a hand-writen letter much more than e-mail i suppose,  and to simply call my fathers father. So right after this post is ready, i have to make a call and write a letter. Lets go get it done!

Τρίτη, 2 Ιουλίου 2013

30 days to knowing my self, day two

July 2nd today, so I have to move on with my own version of "30 days to a better man" by The Art Of Manliness.
Todays task is to shine your shoes. Brett says you should get all your dress shoes, but here comes some fun. I have none!
In total I have maybe 5 or 6 pairs of shoes, but thei are spread between my fathers house, my own house and my girlfriends house.None of them are dress shoes though.
So what do I do? I shine my shoes! Right here, I have 2 pairs, one pair of running shoes, and one pair of boots. My boots were in great condition, Just about a month ago i prepared them to stay for the summer, and that means shining them and putting on something for the leather to be conditioned (unfortunately I don't know what it is called in english). So I went on and cleaned my running shoes, and they needed it after all!
But that doesn't do much of a task! So, i took the chance and cleaned up my laptop, my netbook and did a little more aroun the house than normaly.
After that, I took some time to read other posts about shoes on the Art of Manliness. While reading those, what i felt was that Brett's opinion is a man must walk around dressed in Shirts,dress shoes and ties. Well, that wont work for me! And trying to look like a professional while not being one is not something  I fancy! I see a lot of people my age going out in expensive costumes, thinking they are more of a man for some reason, while they don't have any characteristic of being a man. Clothing doesn't make a man... And honestly, all the men I look up upon, don't dress sharp!
Not that I don't respect a man for dressing sharp, it's his choise and if it makes him happy then it's more than good! For me personaly, I like the looks, but I don't see the reason...! Later in my life, maybe I'll be a sharp dresser too! But at the context of my life, there is no reason for such kind of clothing. I can wear jeans and a t-shirt with some work boots, and be very stylish, while a tie would make me look funny...

All in all, the task went well, i got to define my self a little more, and that's good! Looking forward for tomorrow!

Δευτέρα, 1 Ιουλίου 2013

"30 days to a better man", revised

A few years ago, Art Of Manliness put out a series of posts with tasks a man should undergo under a months time, in order to become a better man. I tried to follow that about a year ago, but failed hard to keep the schedule. Today I happened to come across that same website and readed over a few of those posts again. I started thinking about it. But, for me right now the goal isn't to become a better man, but to explore what kind of a man I am. If I don't know where I am, I can't get to a better place! So, i decided to go for in, but with a sligthly different aproach.

So, for the first day, and that is July 1st 2013 for me, Brett suggests that we define our core values. That sound like a good start! But I can't really define values... As far as I know myself, i'll tell you patience is very important but at the same time i'm not patient when it really is needed.
So, I decided to take another way around! I defined some values I see as important, but i might not be very devoted to them. It'll be nice to see if I actually value them enough or if I can't keep my values.

The list I ended up with sounds reasonable i think. So, here it comes:
1)Self Awareness (thats my goal after all)
2)Personal Progress

Now I need to start with sticking with number 3. I got to be patient and do one day at a time, and also be persistence and finish of the hole month. Otherwise there won't be any personal progress, I won't have been effective and I won't achive any self awareness... And without self awareness, I can't be truly indipendent!
So, todays moral? All hang together! I screw up on of the 5 values, I loose all of them!

Starting my blogg! A few things...

Well, this is my first blogg! And as you will soon see, if you choose to read my posts, I'm not a native english speaker. So Be prepared to read through some faults and excuse my english!

So, why to start? Well, I've been having quite an unstable life over the past few years, and now I finally get to settle down and work with myself! It's my chance to explore who I am, to develop my self, to become a better person and of course to learn a hole bunch of stuff.
I'm still quite young, out of the teens, but now much further. Also, I'm a student. And I could say, that today might be the first day in my new life! Today I can forget who i used to be, and start over as the paralytic poison. I'm startin some readings, soem challenges, i'm out to explore myself and find out who and what I am.
I'm sure the journey won't be very adventurus for a reader, but maybe some people would find my conclusions intresting. Sharing is the first rule of the internet, for me, so i decided to share my adventure, with whoever wants to get involved in any way!

Make some coffee, or pop a beer and go on!